the augmented change

Few years ago, some time ago, we lived in different world. Today, we have evolved and separated ourselves from the advent of community jargon and have become ‘Global’. But the statement still hovers around like a hawk in an air of turbulence. Did we really accomplish the need or merely created another need out ofContinue reading “the augmented change”

Random, again.

Long time coming but good things usually a take a turn while the next is due within the ballet☺. I probably have too many things under the platter but chose to exclaim while others decide amongst themselves. Leaders on a prowl as the nation await yet another swagger from our elected blade. Not a greatContinue reading “Random, again.”

random and voltage..

last 3 weeks have given my potent force, an enamored and polarized bloke! some silken laced moments, an emotional walk around some of the most beautiful lanes and by all means, being accompanied by the woman of my life is a journey of a lifetime that has just begun. don’t believe in rebirths, but doContinue reading “random and voltage..”