Truly, Rest in Peace..

My nerves shook when I read this story. A life never lived, this is probably one those painful stories which was never told or heard enough. Organically alive but dead as vegetable, a life destroyed by a dastardly act of vengeance. Yet, we continue to live in urban jungle with animals lurking around. Indeed, jungleContinue reading “Truly, Rest in Peace..”

When vacationing vents notes..

“Being iconic doesn’t indicate invincibility but symbolises pervasiveness”. “A picture perfect story could be buried under debris when pookish fixtures confront you”. “Andheri, Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Haji Ali, Marine Drive, Wankhede, Aston Martin.. an illustrious ride to Colaba couldn’t pack more muscles”. “Happy Anniversary to Suddha-Babli, probably the only elite couple who allow me toContinue reading “When vacationing vents notes..”