Green Grass is Back

There is no joy in lawn tennis if we take Wimbledon out from the equation. Ever since my growing years, my dearness for ‘The All England Club’ has only intensified – even though am not the same avid youngster who used to wait for 3rd of June to come soon. Especially, after witnessing all theContinue reading “Green Grass is Back”

25, Park Street

The walk from Ballygunge Circular road to Park Street would be a shade under 20 minutes, 15 if you are in a breezy mood and walk like fire. LaMartiniere, The Kookie Jar, Hallmark, AGC were my witnesses while I gallantly strode towards my educative influences. Well, that was around 18 years back. But, the charmContinue reading “25, Park Street”


I have a self confessed fascination for legacy, and it certainly gives a road map to our roots. After all, today is risen from the past that paves the way for tomorrow. Seldom acknowledged, though. You will see some shots which are by far, the most revered ones. Those were the times when my photographicContinue reading “Archives”

second coming..

“life isn’t your bane, you are!” This isn’t a typical comeback, but then with plausible child monotony, this could be a turnaround. Or, may be, it does act as a litmus test. Nevertheless, does with darned fortunes. I am in joy with the city that possibly, and inevitably, made me. I am a believer inContinue reading “second coming..”