Death Smile

She is an Iron Lady. I have never seen her blink an eye or being moist in a situation. She took tuition classes, her husband has a decent job and her son was studying in a boarding school in a different town. A family of 3 with dreams of their own, I knew them asContinue reading “Death Smile”

Calcutta, My Alma Mater

Some cities just don’t give you a living, they breathe and emote, just like you do. Some cities make you what we are today. Calcutta is my soul and it’s DNA is the foundation of my life. What I possess in Calcutta is beyond words, sometimes beyond comprehension. Feelings juxtaposed, memories unlimited and segmented nostalgia.Continue reading “Calcutta, My Alma Mater”

Best of Me

‘Am I the best’ is a question I often ask myself. Brutally, the answer is yes. Confidence, yes. Arrogance, no. Well, a bit of it actually. ‘Best’ is usually the most used and most abusively used word around. Gives you this feeling of anonymity in the vicinity of giants twittering around the epicenter. Yes, IContinue reading “Best of Me”

Lots, and coming in..

Has been a good and hectic time of pandora around with glitz and curiosity in equal measures. No, not because of Germany’s triumph but for the vanquished ones. Have always been an admirer of Albiceleste since school days and those sentiments probably stick around. Not to mention, I played ‘pada’ football during much of myContinue reading “Lots, and coming in..”

mere me!

for people who don’t know, am a crazy movie freak with subtle variations. For people who know, it’s nothing short of a aberration. well, to cut through the pragmatics, I am basking in my own warehouse with a collection that could pour evidence with a dent. am too much to ask for, care a damnContinue reading “mere me!”

random and voltage..

last 3 weeks have given my potent force, an enamored and polarized bloke! some silken laced moments, an emotional walk around some of the most beautiful lanes and by all means, being accompanied by the woman of my life is a journey of a lifetime that has just begun. don’t believe in rebirths, but doContinue reading “random and voltage..”

Fables disconnect..

Wondrous moments never occur in sequences, they are meant to be beautifully derailed and viciously famed. Not to mention, unexpected and curative to add as incentives. My days are good with coated pleasure and the former have self confessed turbid thoughts. My ordeal isn’t a tale, but has gorgeous elements of miscarriage. And, would notContinue reading “Fables disconnect..”

Valentine? Pseudo..

Roses galore, petals kiss your thirst and mountains spit collages of serene kiosk… At a time of penchant vows, I courageously demean the dawn to caress and make love. Very, astonishingly, brave, mild, grizzly moan and fetish desires engulf paradigm. I, fake, not to diminish but to flourish with pretentious glory. Ah, my pittance ofContinue reading “Valentine? Pseudo..”