no man’s land

The space we created outside our conjunctive lives of fear and torment. Kill exuberance and invite dying hormones to play with our inner strength. then get infected, and blame the inevitable as an excuse for rustling endurance. We endorse scattered desires, we love the red and enjoy the emptiness around. But despise our failures forContinue reading “no man’s land”

typical father weekend

my weekend these days means lots of cuddling and indulging in nonchalant pampering of my 5 month old toddler. yes, everything is surrounded by his exploits and his presence dictates the agenda of our day. he smiles, makes weird sounds, smiles again, doesn’t cooperate for a feed, loves to be patronised with love, touch andContinue reading “typical father weekend”

the day of resurgence

Not married, but I got hooked this day, 4 years ago. Completely, totally, exclusively. No looking back, just love and lots of love, and lots of it. Life started a journey of fulfillment with our union, and ever since, I just keep falling in love with you. Everyday, every time. We are growing together, understandingContinue reading “the day of resurgence”

my best man

You are the first man in my life. My first Hero, and perhaps the finest. You raised us with all the limitations around, and stood tall to give us the life we live today. You were the reason why I love bikes today, I remember the first time I kick started your bike and howContinue reading “my best man”

when they thought otherwise

No, I haven’t watched ‘The Revenant’ yet. But, sincerely, there were moments of severe brilliance for Leonardo DiCaprio when he could have. I take this jab at him now, rather on the ones who said ‘no’ to him. I list down DiCaprio’s earlier performances that didn’t go down the red carpet way. Django Unchained AsContinue reading “when they thought otherwise”

Are you star driven?

Let’s have a crazy discussion. How many of us feel human race evolved out of the stars, galaxy or other astronomical endeavours?  Are we really the bi products of the ‘Adam & Eve’ syndrome? How much of it is science then?  If Science is our alma mater, then DNAs are not far behind. So, thenContinue reading “Are you star driven?”


Heights, perceivable yet deprived. Tells us where we are, doesn’t say where we came from. We like to be at the top, but fear to look beneath. Love flying higher but eroded by turbulent waters.  Yes, I adore being out there but somehow get this feeling that blossoming flowers often forget the roots.  the altitude.Continue reading “Altitude”