The ‘Messi’ Situation

Yes, I truly consider Messi to be one of the finest this generation has embraced. Argentina is my favorite team and I love when Messi messes around with the opponents and makes them look dumb as he whisks past as if the ball is stuck to his toes. But, there is this crucial question thatContinue reading “The ‘Messi’ Situation”

The greatest story that remains untold..

When the whole nation was busy admiring the exploits of a world cup winning nation and it’s undisputed heroes, one man stood and watched unfazed. We celebrated the genius of ‘God’ but somewhere in the ambush, the greatness of one Rahul Dravid got diluted. Today, when he nears yet another glorious ton in his glitteringContinue reading “The greatest story that remains untold..”