Packet Reviews

World Cup is high on the table and India is off to a rocking start. Beating Pakistan was significant (more from a non cricketing sense) but downing the Proteas was good performance as they are a quality side and will give India the right impetus to progress ahead. Early days but looking forward to someContinue reading “Packet Reviews”

In Transit (Delayed!) Reviews: ‘Attacks of 26/11’ and ‘Inkaar’

We all saw it happen, felt the anguish and disgraced the shameful deed of audacious crime with open arms. Yet, RGV’s bio-centric recapitulation of gory chapters spits venom and reminds us of inhuman embellishment. It isn’t a review, because it isn’t. It was bad walk down the memory lane, with events unfolding in front ofContinue reading “In Transit (Delayed!) Reviews: ‘Attacks of 26/11’ and ‘Inkaar’”

Blockbuster Review: Django Unchained – Ruffled Business!

A periodic flamingo ahead of a civil war with a solitary government prognosis and an aid who threatens the very existence of an inevitable black with an improbable quest to bisect the native world with a penchant of pursuance with audacity. Phew! Only and only, Quentin Tarantino can pull that off! And, he does withContinue reading “Blockbuster Review: Django Unchained – Ruffled Business!”


A filmmaker transcends boundaries, surpasses eras and redefines cinema. Yash Chopra just did that. And yet, to survive with a glimpse of fortitude requires ability and a deep understanding of the connoisseur. Hailed as the ‘Baadshah’ of romance, my picks would surprise almost many as I believed in his more rustic approach of filmmaking whichContinue reading “Yashji..”

Bhindi Bazaar Inc.: Stigmatic evolution!

If lust, deceit, conspiracy and the hunger to destroy self become the bane of human continent, then presentations such as BBI would rule the roost with grace. BBI is not one of it’s kind, but certainly elevates in terms of the treatment of the content and a slick screenplay amidst predator like vicinity. The conceptContinue reading “Bhindi Bazaar Inc.: Stigmatic evolution!”