prelude to a special day

Yes, no propaganda, no hustles, no despairing efforts to tell people it’s a day we await every year, no inane posts on FB as if it was the last day on this restrained earth and am the only one celebrating a special day of its kind. Yes, we all love moments in life, and weContinue reading “prelude to a special day”

A Father’s Note

  Holding your just born son in your hands is a feeling beyond describable words. For a change, I have run out of ammunition as the newly born has swept me off my feet and I don’t feel the earth beneath me. The moments when we saw each other – yes, you can argue thatContinue reading “A Father’s Note”

Condiment of life

You don’t have to be married for 10 years to say huh! and 40 to claim immortality. I think its purely a derivative business. the more you get in to the thick of your relationships, the less you think about sustaining them. No, this isn’t about raving marriage. Its about unravelling your insides to seeContinue reading “Condiment of life”

vintage bits

Coming out of darkness to regain calm is mortal, I braced out of sunshine to visit better borders. Vision and contemplation were undoubtedly kindled, Hopes, vicious hopes and much more played tantrums. Curiously joyous and provocatively desirable, hungry to achieve. More. Continuos regeneration and demanding minds let go of myself in a quest. First, thenContinue reading “vintage bits”