Kaatru Veliyidai – Different Terrain

Sometimes, our love stories don’t need bad guys to create a rift and separate 2 made-for-each other souls. Our nubile minds are just enough and too good to create miseries for self inundated human beings.’KV’ is a bi-product of such individuals who live and smurf themselves with their ego to destroy superlatives. Love, lust, sex or marriageContinue reading “Kaatru Veliyidai – Different Terrain”

Blockbuster Review: Kadal (Tamil Film) – Waterplay!

It’s not the typical Mani classic, neither would it fall in the lap of a run-of-a-mill commercial bolt. It plunges in to a zone that’s spurred by moments of brilliance and has Mani’s baton in patches of singing waves. I have stated for sometime now and I continue to echo. Filmmakers make, create, introspect, visualiseContinue reading “Blockbuster Review: Kadal (Tamil Film) – Waterplay!”

Rockstar: Dazzling Debonair!

It happens during an occasional hiatus when a film with heart and soul appears to melt you down. Very few could have a translucent and vibrant mix of love, eccentricity, attitude, sadness, loss, romance, obsession, creativity and perhaps, madness. ‘Rockstar’ embodies these in plenty and takes you through a journey of elapsed yet powerful minds.Continue reading “Rockstar: Dazzling Debonair!”