Steven Paul Jobs (1955-2011): The pioneer and his legacy..

Technology became poorer by tons as we lost a charismatic leader and a creative genius who succumbed to cancer on October 5th, 2011. I have been reading and celebrating the life of a man who lived in his own terms and his acute manoeuvring skills in the field of computing and later, towards the mobileContinue reading “Steven Paul Jobs (1955-2011): The pioneer and his legacy..”

The ‘Apple’ that was..

Legends leave a legacy that’s easy to revere but difficult to cherish without embracing tussles of the highest order. Steven P Jobs was an outstanding entrepreneur who lived and graced life in his own terms. More than self, Apple Inc. and it’s meteoric rise to the número uno slot was testimony to his mercurial genius.Continue reading “The ‘Apple’ that was..”