life speaks a million..

# Myriad life, excruciating people and hypocritical thought process. And, yes, the package is incomplete without whims. 29-03-19, 14:31.

# ‘Drishtikone’ is a tormenting dimension to tumultuous human desires. A man for an eye. Watchable, for the eye alone. 04-29-18, 8:47 pm

# I am trying to write a love story. Precariously difficult. You want to help? 04-29-18, 3:42 pm

# Qissa: A depleted and disturbing tale of our culture holes. What began as a sensitive dilemma ended with a foolish triage of the root itself. 04-18-15, 9:56 pm

# As 2014 was all towards the penultimate, the world of cinema and more significantly, Indian celluloid lost it’s marvel. KB Sir, inarguably amongst country’s finest filmmakers, passed away. Like many, am just an audience and equally, a great follower of his kind of cinema. He was one of his kind, and a Master. Of the rest, 2015 became poorer by few notches. 12-23-14, 9:45 pm

# a great beginning to the year, a day spent with my best friends, blessings of Kali Maa and Dad-Mom! This year has to be a special one, as plans to get together is a promise we made to each other. Mia was adorable pie, Sarada and me had ourselves to a glitter of a 2014 tide! 01-01-14, 11:46 pm

# another Mumbai sojourn comes to an end. Initial debacle, a tentative start ending in a parade of beautiful memories, ubiquitous presence of the pretentious tinsel town, 36 hours of sheer joy with my Fatto and Mushki, Sachin’s final goodbye and Sarada’ first! Phew, a roller coaster of a drool comes to yet another stop, before the next one begins. 11-16-13, 8:15 pm

# Filmmakers are subjective in their means to create and wield magic, few stood out for sheer brilliance. Rituparno Ghosh was one amongst the crop who showcased malicious human blade in a prodigious patent. Personally, he remained aloof and lived with guts to pride.
I will miss your kind of cinema, RIP Ritu Da! 06-16-13, 12:20 am

# at moments, I am ridiculously human. 03-21-13, 01:44 pm

# I have had this uncomfortable feeling for couple of weeks. I think we live in a country of shit. We have elected hapless governments who are bystanders when you and me need them. Security isn’t a word of caution any more, it’s red alert. I am scared that my mom, wife or sister would have to venture out alone in a jungle of wolves. Our laws don’t protect, they offer loopholes to scrape through. A trial for what? I demand execution, we demand our lives back. And I am ashamed of myself to be a product of the acclaimed human clan today. I am sorry.. 12-29-12, 11:03 pm

# Felt cheated today. ‘Perishable We’ is a nightmare I live with but death continues to wade me off. And when it appears discreetly, I don’t get to snap my eyelids as I usually do.
RIP! 12-13-12, 08:34 am

# It’s not worth it. It’s time we start valuing our lives for what we are and take pride in living with our prejudices. That’s what separates us and difference is not because of the cause but for the very self that we are built to carry off. Please, let’s give our life it’s due, for there are far more fascinating endeavours for us to indulge in than those meek moments that deprive us of the ‘you’ in you. Briefly, though. But life, is the crumb here and not the yolk. Folks, let’s live, life begs you to and I swore on your behalf to honour it. 08-27-12, 00:59 am

# Seldom do we find individuals who bridge the gap of generations, and few display a rare sense of humour at an age when veterans subside towards oblivion. Visu Periappa was one such lively character. To my known memories, he has always come across as an open person with contemporary thoughts. I always loved his raw humour and conveyed himself in the most jovial spaces. He battled health during his lifetime but never let it demean his spirits and found him to be sufficiently indulgent. As we see him abode the final journey, I get a feeling that he has left in search of a better place. Periappa, we will miss you! 08-09-12, 07:35 am

# Courtship before marriage is one of those serene periods in your life when roses flak your dreams, fantasies adore you and you seem to be oblivious of the fact that someone just said ‘I love you’… It’s always great to have someone around who cares, even better if that person longs to do so. Long roads ahead, period, but basking in montage laps prepare you for the finer moments ahead. Thank you. For the wait that’s today. 05-11-12, 05:28 am

# When I feel like shit, I script. 04-10-12, 06:21 am

# I was right, nope. I was fair, nope. Distinguished thoughts and defined meters make matters worse. Not accepted, now declined motto. Discipline and it’s grey shades of manned disguise. Changes. Changes beneath. Changes in, changes out. Now. 03-31-12, 09:40 am

# Women epitomize sensuousness with panache. They rivet, breathe life, engross you with aplomb, get you to your knees, opulation consumes them with stellar gravity and they are the Adam:Eve to human renaissance. Yet, we adore and hate them. Live and die with them. We snap and quit with their aura. I seldom despise them and you can’t agree more. Mutate but they still appear as goddess to seduce and take your philatials away. To make matters worse, shutter bugs love them and I crave for more.

Please don’t cheat them to be excerpts. They are my venom for love. 02-07-12, 08:27 am

# ‘The Untouchables’ gave a dimension to the notoriety and unblemished brutality in Capone’s era. A Brian De Palma classic, it glorifies venom and violence with substance. A must watch!! 02-01-12, 07:31 am

# An ignominy is born out of a defeat that is a result of self inflicted chaos within your abilities that enable within to choke and fade with inglorious character. 01-06-12, 09:13 am

# A lost and non-parental fatherhood-ism, horny and addictive boyfriend who understands none but sex, a work partner whose antics on the phone are a source of motivated viagra, an odd-one-out human customer devoid of desirable amenities and a handshake job to mint spineless cash. Such images out of a cosmopolitan world, sitting on the pile of judicial hypocrisy is a rare feat. Anurag Kashyap pricelessly churns out such micro epics from his school of filmmaking that are celebrated by few. I would want such depictions to grace more often than ever, these offer me an eye to meet the diversities of human veracity and explore thee. 11-16-11, 08:36 am

# I felt the ways of death today. It is an unbelievable thought that a live person could be an awfully lifeless paradigm on the next. Few minutes for the mechanics at work and the human body is all but an assimilation of our very own smothered bones. I had no words but wanted to talk. I realise irony but probably acceptance is beyond my obstinate intellect. 11-02-11, 01:02 am

# Solidarity is not my strength but I am acquiring the wisdom to connote the same. 08-10-11, 02:31 am

# Success can never be candid because it involves struggle of the immense kind. Adversity bestows upon souls that seek glory amidst the pinnacle of bewildering disaster.08-09-11, 08:01 am

# Nobody pays to die; let’s slog to survive hard. 10-08-10, 09:10 am

# Memories could be very devastating to inspire melancholy; so much so that it kills to remain immortal. But then, life is multifaceted and so am I; I tend to proclaim those moments as the finest of my life and yet fail to cherish them for good. 10-08-10, 07:20 pm

# Cultures, customs, norms, society, religion together cannot battle the sole existence of the ‘humane syndrome’ of life. They are for us, we are not for them. Let’s strive to be human and understand circumstances than following some unscrupulous procedures that are being followed for ages without substantial evidence of authenticity. Rather, I don’t want to have such ideals that throng my fraternity with nasty worms. 10-09-10, 9:39 am

# When the ‘Master’ talks, his willow speaks the loudest. And man, that must be the widest of all willows ever created from the hands of an artist who never lived to watch the lord play the game with one of his creations. Amen! 10-13-10, 7:14 am

# The ‘Garden City’ has given me some fond cherished memories along with brutal lessons which have now diversified to take the shape of wisdom in my life. The struggle for food and accommodation, the overflowing incidents involving those who were friends but turned to be a nobody later today; the bizarre working hours and even more baffling was the way of life; roving around every street in Bangalore in my ‘Wind’ with her; almost borrowing a seconds life in Dell and never going home; being notorious for what I am not today: a walk down the memory lane and I am smiling at myself; thanking the city for making me what I am today. 10-18-10, 3:20 am

# Way back in 2002, what happened in Godhra, Gujarat was a hineous crime against the very name of sane humanity. Once again, our cultural ethos that define our so called roots were subjected to hypocrisy and myriad disturbances. And never before in the history of any cultural demographic scenario, have we been so gruesome and yet helpless. I am ashamed to call myself a human being, when baseless atrocities have become the bane of our mundane lives. Time to rejuvenate. Period. 10-31-10, 2:47 pm

# Clay to Ali was not a transformation; it was a step ahead from being ordinary to extraordinary. A path from being a champ to the controversial yet popular legend. His self confidence is ominous and alluring; his off-ring banters are a mimic of his own credentials. A different kind of a champion with an attitude of his own. I don’t think too many of his clan are lurking around with that kind of a persona. At least, I haven’t seen many. 11-08-10, 12:05 pm

# My iPhone4 superseded my towering expectations; I am filled with voluptuous praise for a device which is indeed the finest of it’s kind. 12-14-10, 8:50 am

# It’s human to get disturbed and even more humane to get out of it. I am tethering to achieve normalcy. Or, sort of. 06-04-11, 2:22 am

# “There are two ways of dealing with a problem. One is planned action after due consideration. The other is impulsive action driven by emotion, without a thought for possible consequences. The Prophet followed the first; he avoided confronting those hostile to him and migrated from Mecca to Medina”. – The Prophet. 06-30-11, 6:44 am

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  1. Hey! Just wanted to ask something absolutely random! How did you come up with your blog title ‘Surreal but nice!’…anything to do with 1995 Hugh Grant movie Notting Hill ?!

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