why have we made such a fuss about a mere cricket player who is just about 5 feet above the ground level, has endorsements to his name just like any other superstar celebrity world over would and tweet our heart out on his every morning siesta lasting till end of night? well, if the cricketerContinue reading “@sachin_rt”

If at all we could think..!!??

I was passing through my routine exploration of this enigmatic planet when I came across a fact forgotten by our vehement statisticians who love to dissipate facts from fiction in a glorious manner ; this one was good enough to have me surprised and stunned at the same frame. How many of us realize theContinue reading “If at all we could think..!!??”

Presentations could be juvenile yet vulnerable..

It is my firm conviction that presentations in any form, catering to a larger spectrum of the elite and educative crowd has it’s own charismatic influence in a very subtle yet appealing manner. Many might beg to differ, but my stand on this aspect of the competency remains unruffled. Presentations need not be very formal unless youContinue reading “Presentations could be juvenile yet vulnerable..”

What makes life worth living it for..??

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions which is more frequently ignored. I think it’s time we start putting a heavy price tag on ourselves, for what we are, for what we have achieved phenomenally in all these years of voracious learning and start paying tributes to our capabilities, which by far,Continue reading “What makes life worth living it for..??”

I want my uTube back..

When my usual tryst with uTube commenced today morning, I was stunned to see a new look version of the legendary library. To compound problems further, I was shocked and bewildered to find that the URL links for my concurrent downloads were conspicuously missing. Omigosh!!!?? Please don’t tell me that the pre-beta and the subsequent beta versions would lackContinue reading “I want my uTube back..”

An experiment with life (Not an excerpt)..

If you closely look at the numerous causes for pandemonium around our lives, evidently all roads would lead to ‘Us‘. And we, the ‘humans’, god’s most superlative creature in this planet earth, strive to make things worse, with an outside and a rear perspective to design things in a personalized fashion. And, we are quite emphaticContinue reading “An experiment with life (Not an excerpt)..”

Frenzy IPL Engulfs Nation

The 3rd edition of IPL invokes the kind of expectations and thrill, which is reminiscent of the extravaganza that began couple of years back with pomp and glamour. Frankly, IPL has never interested me. I belong to the authentic school of copybook cricket and sincerely vouch for tests and ODI’s. For me, test cricket wouldContinue reading “Frenzy IPL Engulfs Nation”

Why are birthdays considered to be revered events in our lives..??

I have always been curious about the birthday syndrome..!!!?? Why are they so special..?? I mean, every second person in this world celebrates his/her birthday with pomp and glamour, or with a sense of fulfillment that he/she is worthy enough to be a year older..!!! But frankly, birthdays don’t excite me any more. They do not thrillContinue reading “Why are birthdays considered to be revered events in our lives..??”

The Monarch Gets His Share of The Pie.. Finally..

He has belted every record with phenomenal ease and an effortless display of authentic batsmanship. Today, was no different. When Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar touched the 200 mark, we all witnessed history in Gwalior. The man possessed with almost every record in the cricketing fraternity (A triple century in tests and highest individual test score stillContinue reading “The Monarch Gets His Share of The Pie.. Finally..”