Chandni. Forever.

Sridevi’s demise marks an an end to a celebrated era of woman talent and perseverance. One of those mercurial and prodigious actors who was able to transcend boundaries successfully and with so much grace, Sridevi used her strong foundation from Tamil films to foray in to Hindi cinema and was able to hone her wayContinue reading “Chandni. Forever.”

9/11. Change-versary.

Yes. We changed. World changed. Everything else around changed. In fact, I have bleak memories of how this world looked before the apocalypse. Our outlook to America, our attitude towards terrorism (we now call it global post 9/11), our stand as global nations against one unified enemy. All this changed. And somewhere, it changed usContinue reading “9/11. Change-versary.”

70 Years of ‘Bharat’

We have come a long way, we have a long way to go. Every country goes through turbulence, so have we. Every country has its moments, we have had our own. Every country has a vision, we have ours. No country is perfect, the flaws exude beauty of renaissance and evolution. We did, we do,Continue reading “70 Years of ‘Bharat’”

Mayavaram Paatti

For a very long time, I never realised the town had a different name. For me, it never mattered. It was her place of residence and that is all we knew during our growing up days. For us, it was enough. In fact, me and my sister never cared to know her name as well,Continue reading “Mayavaram Paatti”

Om Puri – Submissive Legend

There are human beings with talent and proficiency, there are ordinary individuals who come out of their inhibitions and limitations to carve a niche for themselves in the tough gritty world of glorious pursuits. And then, we have actors like Om Puri. Rugged face, turmoil expressions and a non fancy appeal. Yet, what stood behindContinue reading “Om Puri – Submissive Legend”

Jayalalithaa – Our Woman of Steel

I am not a political aficionado though am raised in 2 states that are considered to be the feather-bed for political potboilers. Yes, my affiliations are random and anything intriguingly watchable is my forte. But, if it’s about Jayalalithaa, then I will have the Pandora’s box open for numerous anecdotes. Jayalalithaa was a combination ofContinue reading “Jayalalithaa – Our Woman of Steel”

hymn that blows you away

‘Kisi baat par main kisi se khafa hoon, main zinda hoon par zindagi se khafa hoon’. The lyrics of mundane joy, a rendition that will stir your soul, the meaning that will wrench your veins, the inadequate fear that encapsulates the primal human being, an era that remains the home to divinity in the playbackContinue reading “hymn that blows you away”

Truly, Rest in Peace..

My nerves shook when I read this story. A life never lived, this is probably one those painful stories which was never told or heard enough. Organically alive but dead as vegetable, a life destroyed by a dastardly act of vengeance. Yet, we continue to live in urban jungle with animals lurking around. Indeed, jungleContinue reading “Truly, Rest in Peace..”

Kaka: The Retrospective

@ Anand A story of a terminally ill messiah, Hrishi da’s masterpiece lingers high above all other RK’s blockbusters. Anand Sehgal is your next door juvenile guy who weaves you in to a web of fragrant waves. He brings laughter with a unique sense of magnetism and the people around him revel in his presence.Continue reading “Kaka: The Retrospective”

Steven Paul Jobs (1955-2011): The pioneer and his legacy..

Technology became poorer by tons as we lost a charismatic leader and a creative genius who succumbed to cancer on October 5th, 2011. I have been reading and celebrating the life of a man who lived in his own terms and his acute manoeuvring skills in the field of computing and later, towards the mobileContinue reading “Steven Paul Jobs (1955-2011): The pioneer and his legacy..”

The ‘Yahoo’ man is no more..

He wasn’t the ultimate legend like Amitabh Bacchan, neither was he a pioneer superstar like Rajesh Khanna. He isn’t a Dilip Saab either. He was a pale shadow underneath the aura of his elder brother and showman, Raj Kapoor. But, by all means, Shammi Kapoor was one of the charismatic celebrities that graced the silverContinue reading “The ‘Yahoo’ man is no more..”