Udta Punjab – High & Fallen

At a time of floundering commercial cinema making the means out of creativity, films like ‘Udta Punjab’ come as a neat surprise. Overwhelming, I would say. Scary and blemish-less. ‘Udta Punjab’ comes from the stable of Phantom films, and no prizes for guessing the creative minds behind the making of this dark, raunchy, spine chillingContinue reading “Udta Punjab – High & Fallen”

Kaatru Veliyidai – Different Terrain

Sometimes, our love stories don’t need bad guys to create a rift and separate 2 made-for-each other souls. Our nubile minds are just enough and too good to create miseries for self inundated human beings.’KV’ is a bi-product of such individuals who live and smurf themselves with their ego to destroy superlatives. Love, lust, sex or marriageContinue reading “Kaatru Veliyidai – Different Terrain”

Joy of Killing – 2.0

Crime beholds crime. @msksmiles There is this animal in all of us that gains momentum in sensitive and reluctant moments. Sporadic and violent. Voracious and fierce. We all have break even points, some  much earlier than we conspire and few that follows an aftermath. But we always seek a nemesis for redemption. A partner inContinue reading “Joy of Killing – 2.0”

filming and feeling real

Notting Hill is one of the most sublime and exuberant love stories of our times. Truly, isn’t it? Well, I watched it years back but watching it again and again isn’t a crime. Think about this, you falling in love with an actress who comes to purchase a book from the most boring book shopContinue reading “filming and feeling real”

Fan – I ain’t one

My apprehension turns in to an insomniac, ballistic version when I talk about SRK films. But ‘Fan’ is a different experience altogether. It brings together a gamut of emotions that sway across as I watched the film – the newcomer, the emerging star, the human being, the superstar, King Khan. Well, yes. Life does comeContinue reading “Fan – I ain’t one”

The Judicial Jeopardy

Regional films are often relegated to the sidelines when compared to the more glamorous and perceived world of cinema. Well, that’s the choice you and me have made (grins!). But, now and then, I have seen quality scripts coming out from the regional world of cinema that deserves subjugation of twin elements – money andContinue reading “The Judicial Jeopardy”

Blockbuster Review: Bajirao Mastani

“Bajirao ne Mastani se Mohabbat ki hai…..Aaiyashi nahi…………!” Epics usually have an attachment of legacy and grandeur with them, and they bring a riveting sense of watchable-ness with them. Yes, Bajirao Mastani does that with ample to say but it isn’t the greatest of such marvels made in the silver screen. The story of aContinue reading “Blockbuster Review: Bajirao Mastani”

when they thought otherwise

No, I haven’t watched ‘The Revenant’ yet. But, sincerely, there were moments of severe brilliance for Leonardo DiCaprio when he could have. I take this jab at him now, rather on the ones who said ‘no’ to him. I list down DiCaprio’s earlier performances that didn’t go down the red carpet way. Django Unchained AsContinue reading “when they thought otherwise”

Blockbuster Review: Wazir (Hindi)

Vidhu Vinod Chopra hasn’t directed for a while now, his last release was Eklavya (hush hush, lets not talk about Broken Horses here). I haven’t watched Bejoy Nambiar’s ‘David’ though word of mouth was encouraging. Abhijiat Joshi is our ‘3 idiots and PK’ pen master, hence his involvement does invoke restless expectations. To top it,Continue reading “Blockbuster Review: Wazir (Hindi)”

Reliving Byomkesh

Calcutta. Cha aar singhada. Country savaged by war, cities torn by partition and hatred. People in clutches of political propaganda and heist, witnessing victims of brutal animosity. Saradindu Bandhapadhyay’s witty and courageous Byomkesh Bakshi.    Well, for me, Byomkesh Bakshi embodies the waters of above. And surprisingly, he hasn’t been an ardent flavor of Cinema,Continue reading “Reliving Byomkesh”

Packet Reviews

World Cup is high on the table and India is off to a rocking start. Beating Pakistan was significant (more from a non cricketing sense) but downing the Proteas was good performance as they are a quality side and will give India the right impetus to progress ahead. Early days but looking forward to someContinue reading “Packet Reviews”

Back2Back: Review Corner

PK Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani? Well, ideal expectation is a cinematic swagger. The end product is almost perfect, but isn’t the Christmas cake with all cherries and pies though. What made other Raju films strike a chord with audience (Munnabhai, Lage Raho, 3 Idiots) was them being very close to reality and yet deliverContinue reading “Back2Back: Review Corner”