Blockbuster Review: Bajirao Mastani

“Bajirao ne Mastani se Mohabbat ki hai…..Aaiyashi nahi…………!” Epics usually have an attachment of legacy and grandeur with them, and they bring a riveting sense of watchable-ness with them. Yes, Bajirao Mastani does that with ample to say but it isn’t the greatest of such marvels made in the silver screen. The story of aContinue reading “Blockbuster Review: Bajirao Mastani”

Packet Reviews

World Cup is high on the table and India is off to a rocking start. Beating Pakistan was significant (more from a non cricketing sense) but downing the Proteas was good performance as they are a quality side and will give India the right impetus to progress ahead. Early days but looking forward to someContinue reading “Packet Reviews”

Saturday Corner: Finding Fanny

Rustic characters, naive intentions, fake prejudices, 5 human beings treading a path of nullified emotions, desires and smallness. Finding Fanny isn’t your run of the mill, next door 2 and a half hour maroon. It’s celebrating human discoveries. Set in the ever gorgeous Goa, FF renders the laziness of the island amongst few individuals whoContinue reading “Saturday Corner: Finding Fanny”

J. Edgar: Cliched & Tampered Genius

Biopics have always been addictive affairs for me. And, magnitudes of such maverick proportions are rarely depicted with such audacity. Forte, remains magnetic. Class, oozes envy and a legend survives the most dramatic chapters in American history with quantum poise and touch of evil debonair. Perhaps, Nixon’s final words describe the powerhouse of a manContinue reading “J. Edgar: Cliched & Tampered Genius”

Agneepath (2012): When the legend met his nemesis..

In the 90s, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan epitomised the fallacy of a celebrated gangster. It was touted as THE film of the Shahenshah and famously earned him the national award for an iconic performance. 21 odd years and we have Kancha Cheena rocking Mandwa with his ubiquitous aura. Rauf Lala becomes an aid for Vijay toContinue reading “Agneepath (2012): When the legend met his nemesis..”

Can classics be popcornish?

Once upon a time, there used to be this golden era in the world of Hindi film soundtracks, obviously with stern references to the perennial ones. Then came the rejuvenated 80s and the congenial 90s. The subsequent decades witnessed glory and slump in vivacious intervals. 2011 is here, and I see a clear vicinity ofContinue reading “Can classics be popcornish?”

MJ’s Physical & Mental Condition was horrendous before death

  Jackson had just pills in his stomach, reveals autopsy-Hollywood – Entertainment – MSN IndiaThe autopsy details of pop star Michael Jackson give a horrifying picture of the singer at the time of his death – he was a virtual skeleton as he was barely eating, there were only pills in his stomach. He wasContinue reading “MJ’s Physical & Mental Condition was horrendous before death”

The musical genius who lived many lives-Hollywood – Entertainment – MSN India

The musical genius who lived many lives-Hollywood – Entertainment – MSN IndiaHe was one of the strangest celebrities ever. But history will remember Michael Jackson as a black man who managed to break through every racial and artistic barrier to become a global pop icon, a true musical genius.

Michael Jackson was much more than the King of Pop-Hollywood – Entertainment – MSN India

  Michael Jackson was much more than the King of Pop-Hollywood – Entertainment – MSN IndiaWhen Michael Jackson anointed himself "King of Pop" over two decades ago, there was considerable rumbling about his hubris: Yes, he may have become a world sensation with record-setting sales of "Thriller," and yes, he may have had a stringContinue reading “Michael Jackson was much more than the King of Pop-Hollywood – Entertainment – MSN India”

Cinema: A Synopsis of Human Lives.

To start off, let me confess that I am a hardcore movie buff (that’s one of my known and disclosed passion) and the technical aspects of the film making business has always fascinated me. Every time I see a movie or whenever I ecstatic about a supreme cinematic experience, do I realize that it is,Continue reading “Cinema: A Synopsis of Human Lives.”