An attempt to Rejuvenate Humanity..

My visit to Cheshire Home, located in the sprawling outset of Tiruvanmiyur, is simply an attempt to rejuvenate myself, as an individual and more importantly, to redeem the social and human values, embedded within me. It has indeed been an enriching experience, ever since I started visiting this Home few years back. There is aContinue reading “An attempt to Rejuvenate Humanity..”

People, Kindly Spare Some Time to Read This Email. Let’s Help this Person (Strictly NOT in Financial Terms).

From: brigadier. ptgangadharan <> Date: Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 1:35 PMSubject: PLEASE HELP!!To: “R/ Adm. Sanjiv Kapoor , Delhi” <> Hello friends, I have a very noble cause behind sending this mail to all of you.Please spare some time to read through it.I met a guy named Mr. Ravi Shankar on the train whenContinue reading “People, Kindly Spare Some Time to Read This Email. Let’s Help this Person (Strictly NOT in Financial Terms).”

‘SlumDog’ or ‘Millionaire’..?!!

I have been forced to publish this article of mine, thanks to the extraordinary ‘hype and hoopla’ created by Danny Boyle’s latest offering about a ‘Rags-To-Riches’ story, set in the background of the Mumbai’s slum dwellers. I happened to see the movie yesterday and to be very frank, couldn’t garner many positives from the script,Continue reading “‘SlumDog’ or ‘Millionaire’..?!!”

Cinema: A Synopsis of Human Lives.

To start off, let me confess that I am a hardcore movie buff (that’s one of my known and disclosed passion) and the technical aspects of the film making business has always fascinated me. Every time I see a movie or whenever I ecstatic about a supreme cinematic experience, do I realize that it is,Continue reading “Cinema: A Synopsis of Human Lives.”

Cricket or Country..? The perspective.

Yes. I agree that Cricket is more than a mere sport in India, and players are more than human for most of us. Why go far, I myself have been a very passionate and critical viewer of Sachin Tendulkar’s career over the past 18 years or so and I proudly admit that I simply adoreContinue reading “Cricket or Country..? The perspective.”

Microsoft looks ahead – ‘Windows 7’ in 2009

Microsoft, the undisputed giants in software and operating systems, are all set to come out with the next generation OS, Windows 7. So far, we only had a chance to look at the pre-release beta version of the same, it will be available to the users sometime next year. I, personally, have not checked itContinue reading “Microsoft looks ahead – ‘Windows 7’ in 2009”

Global Economic Recession. How serious is it?

We all are aware of the current ‘Global Economic Recession’ that the entire world is going through. But I am really curious as to know how far would all this be affecting our lives, personally and professionally, and the entire world as a whole. Top notch organisations like AT&T, Nokia, Sony and TCS to nameContinue reading “Global Economic Recession. How serious is it?”

India vs England, 1st Test in Chennai, 11-15th Dec, 2008 – Review..

Finally the test series got underway, after much deliberations between BCCI and ECB. Whether the decision taken was correct or not is debatable. Nevertheless, I leave it to my readers to answer that. As of now, we will talk about the match, which is, heading towards a scintillating finish on the final day of theContinue reading “India vs England, 1st Test in Chennai, 11-15th Dec, 2008 – Review..”

Mumbai Terror Attacks. The Post Mortem goes on and on..

Before & After.. The Burning Taj.. Mumbai and India are still reeling under the aftermath of the terror strikes that invaded the financial capital of India, couple of weeks back. We seem to be recovering from this massacre, but as an Indian, I do feel that the statements ‘We have come out of it’ orContinue reading “Mumbai Terror Attacks. The Post Mortem goes on and on..”